[Brian]: Get Pestered

passiveInfiltrator (PI) began aggravating technicalDropout (TD) at 11:15 MST

PI: hey
PI: hey brian
PI: is this you
TD: I am going to be honest with you that is the utmost perfect depiction of my person
TD: You have absolutely no idea how flawlessly this encapsulates my visage
PI: good
PI: i worked extra hard on it
PI: just for you
TD: That kitten is just rocking his little heart out
PI: i think it represents andrew's inner essence
PI: or it's his spirit guide
TD: Im going to save this in a specially marked folder called awesome stuff pi makes
PI: awesome!!
PI: keep it forever. it'll be worth like, hundreds of thousands of looneys and/or dollars someday i bet
TD: That is definitely something that is going to happen possibly maybe
PI: sweetness
PI: anyways
PI: are you excited for the game launch?
PI: mr butyraceous torcula keeps going on about it
TD: Game launch what game launch oh man oh no
TD: Oh yeah
TD: I am not ready for the game launch but i know i will be
TD: Im sorry you know how things are it just slipped my mind my calendar isnt even on the right month
TD: You must be as excited as i am at this point anything new on the horizons that i should know about
PI: ummmmmmmm
PI: i am so excited!!!
PI: everyone gets to finally meet for realsies!
PI: and it will be awesome oh man oh man
TD: One could even say youre dreaming of it right
PI: peeeeeerhaps
TD: Hahaha anyone else excited about it yet i haven't talked to anyone other than you
PI: i'm not sure. i keep pestering people, but they always seem to be busy
PI: you're the first person in a while to message me back game-wise
TD: Hmm okay well how about this you keep working on gp wa and cp and ill hound gg ir and mm
PI: also
PI: dude
PI: be careful
PI: some weird stuff is going down here
PI: ok
TD: Dont worry you could even say im on the case
PI: putting your sleuthing prowess to work?
TD: As soon as i figure out where my mysteries notebook is im putting this as top priority
PI: aw man
PI: super sleuth brian lawson cracking cases like a baker cracking eggs for a top-notch super sleuth souffle
TD: Your top priority is making that into one of your sweet images
TD: When you have more time of course
TD: Im going to bother ray now talk to you soon
PI: will do
PI: bye!

technicalDropout (TD) ceased aggravating passiveInfiltrator (PI) at 11:16 MST

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